Our Verdict 
Not for the heavyhanded, or those seeking bass – the FlexTune could be better
Fairly open sound
Fiddly buttons
lack of bass weight
poor build quality
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Build quality on the Macally FlexTune isn't great: the dock feels and looks very cheap.

Pull the speakers apart and you can connect your iPod to one of two dock connectors positioned horizontally and vertically. The speakers then slide in to clamp your iPod in place.

The buttons on the front are quite fiddly to use and if you happen to be heavy-handed, one firm press can have the dock sliding across your desktop.

You're better off sticking to the supplied remote, which carries out all the basic control functions, including repeat play and song shuffle.

The FlexTune produces a reasonably open sound, but it's all midrange and treble. There's little low frequency action to stomp in time to, so if you're a basshead, we suggest you look elsewhere.

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