Our Verdict 
Well specified and looks good, but performance lets it down
Smart styling
cleverly concealed iPod dock
DAB/FM tuner
great remote control
detailed delivery
Can sound harsh and lightweight
DAB receiver doesn’t seem to be the strongest
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While Intempo have us believe this iPod dock and DAB/FM radio is an industry first, the existence of the Pure Chronos and Technika DAB407 suggests otherwise. Still, being much more iPod dock than clock radio, the RDI is well worth a look.

As we slide this eagerly awaited product out of the box, we start to think Intempo might be on to a winner. The glossy black finish is smart, with the slide-out dock only adding to the RDI's élan. We can't help thinking the description of the speakers as ‘2.1' is a touch cheeky, but it does boast two 30w speakers and a ‘subwoofer' at the rear, so who are we to argue?

Responsive controls on the unit or the chunky remote give access to the RDI's myriad functions. Clock, alarm, sleep and snooze functions allude to a clock radio. Thankfully, the Intempo's styling means this is far more than a multi-talented iPod dock.

Sound quality doesn't impressSo we head for the DAB, FM and iPod modes…  and that's where our enthusiasm wanes.First, the RDI doesn't seem to find as many DAB stations as others tested in the same spot.

More importantly, the sound quality ain't great. We don't expect miracles, but at a decent volume this sounds hard and thin. Speech-only stations are clear, and music at low volume is clear and detailed, but at something approaching normal listening volume, voices and guitars grate.

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Switch to an iPod and it's more of the same; a 192kbps version of Led Zep's Immigrant Song is scratchy, while a lossless file of PJ Harvey's dainty Dear Darkness, though easier on the ears, still struggles to hold our attention and really engage.

If you live on a diet of talk radio and folk, and desire the functions the sharp-looking Intempo offers, you might well be happy. But attempt to introduce a hint of rock and it doesn't cut it – industry first or not.