• iLuv Vibro Classic II
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The old-fashioned clock-radio is brought up to date with iDevice compatibility – but at an old-school price
good sound, bearing in mind its size
alarm shaker
It’s tiny so there’s little bass
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It’s rare that a product will make us grin from ear to ear, but as we watched the iLuv Vibro Classic II’s alarm-shaker frantically making its way across a table in our test room, we just couldn’t help it. We wish there were two so we could race them…

It might be tiny and a bit plain-looking, but this iPod speaker dock doubles as a clock-radio, you see, and with that sports a wired ‘shaker’ device that goes under your pillow and augments the sound of the speakers to rouse you.

So, once you’re awake and the music’s playing, what can you expect? Not bass, that’s for sure – but then you wouldn’t expect a unit as small and light as this to deliver on that score anyway.

iLuv Vibro Classic II: Sound qualityOverall, there’s a likeable presentation. Products such as this often serve up hard, coarse treble, but the iLuv keeps it nice and smooth even at high volume. There’s not much heft to speak of, but vocals are clear and instruments well separated.

The FM tuner is decently tenacious when it comes to holding on to its signal, there’s minimal noise and you get the bonus of internet radio when you connect an iPhone/iPod Touch (which it will also charge). To this end, there are a few free apps too.

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The Vibro Classic II is a thoroughly likeable product, at a very likeable price.

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