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Hi Fi Racks Akorner XL review

Capable and attractive, but a little pricey Tested at £930

Our Verdict

A capable and attractive modular equipment support, but a bit pricey


  • Looks good
  • well made
  • allows for a full-bodied sound
  • wide range of sizes available


  • Lacks the sonic transparancy of the best support kit
  • can be tricky to assemble

Hi-fi Racks has been on an astonishing run for the last couple of years.

Its Podium support came from nowhere to dominate our rack tests, and rightly so. It was sensibly priced, modular and allowed the electronics placed on it to perform well.

The Akorner XL is effectively a Podium with two corners chopped off so it can be pushed into… well, a room corner. There is a range of widths available.

Hi-Fi racks Akorner

Our review sample was the 1.1m-wide version and costs £285 per tier. An extensive range of shelf heights is available, so this rack really can be configured pretty much to your needs.

There’s an additional £75 charge for the cable management section, which seems rather expensive for a bit of (admittedly rather nice) wood with some holes drilled in it.
Unsurprisingly, the Akorner XL behaves just like the Podium. Our reference kit sounded as full-bodied and refined as we’ve heard it with any rack at this price level.

Yet things have moved on in the market, and rivals such as Atacama’s Eris Eco allowed our kit to deliver even greater sonic precision and agility. Bass in particular was better defined and integrated.

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