Our Verdict 
The Platinum struggles to stand out from the crowd
Weighty and solid in the lower frequencies, reasonably detailed picture
Temperamental higher frequencies
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For a budget HDMI cable, the two metre Platinum (available to buy at www.hdcable.co.uk) looks and feels substantial. The connectors are solid and chunky, while the nylon jacket implies durability.

Indeed, the cable's solid design is mirrored in the weight and solidity of the beats of Justin Timberlake's Rock your Body.

Sadly though, after that good start, the higher frequencies are a touch too temperamental for our tastes. An overly bright sound As Max Payne is chased through the head office of the Aeris Coproration, glass partitions shatter under gunfire, but the accompanying sound effect sounds overly bright and uncomfortable.

To sum up, the Platinum paints a reasonably detailed picture, but if you're willing to spend just a few pounds more on the likes of QED's Performance HDMI, you'll get a clearer image with superior insight.