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Grundig Universal review

There's a lot of cable for the money, but it's just not that good Tested at £15.00

Our Verdict

Yes, it’s a lot of cable for the money, but it's just not that good. We'd buy something else


  • A lot of cable for the money
  • well turned out


  • Poor colour vitality
  • less depth of the image than rivals

Ever heard that expression ‘never mind the quality, feel the width'?

It could have been coined especially for for the Grundig Universal HDMI cable, a 2m length of digital audio/video connectivity that offers, at best, only marginal value for money.

Sure, you're getting two metres of cable in a market where most rivals offer 1.5m or less, and yes, the Grundig is well turned out, as you'd expect from a cable made by a comparatively well-known brand.

But in performance terms, the Universal just isn't that good: direct comparisons with the cheaper ThatCable (£5 for 1.5m) showed the Grundig has less colour vitality, reduced punch and less depth to the image, plus less sonic snap.

We'd buy the cheaper cable every time.

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General Information

Product NameGrundig Universal