• Geneva Sound Model XS
Our Verdict 
A must-consider if you like decent sound as well as a dash of style on your travels
Great design
a cinch to set up and use
brilliant sound for its size
solid-sounding FM tuner
It’s a little on the pricey side
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Not so long ago, travelling had a certain comforting style. Faux-leather suitcases, Pan-Am tickets, being able to smoke on the plane as you drank your scotch from a real glass…

These days, of course, the booze comes with a plastic cup and a scowl – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still keep a touch of that retro chic with you when you ship out, courtesy of the Geneva Sound Model XS.

FM radio and BluetoothThis FM-radio and Bluetooth-enabled speaker’s case doubles as its stand, like one of those old travel clocks, and certainly looks the part thanks to its robust (textured, naturally) plastic construction.

On the top is a row of touch-sensitive buttons for power, source select, volume, tuning and alarm/clock functions, while round the back are power and 3.5mm inputs.

The old-style LED display is clear (a bonus when you awaken, bleary-eyed in a hotel), and the hidden aerial slides out from the side.

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Surprisingly musical soundAll very well put together, then – and high-tech with it. But does the nostalgic design carry through to the kind of sound we’d all rather forget from days of yore?

Thankfully not. While it’s a given that the XS won’t deliver towering slabs of bass, you do get a proportionately weighty performance.

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But the real star here is the sheer musicality on offer. Clear-sounding and with the kind of rounded character that lets you listen all day, the dock doesn’t flinch from complex recordings – or equally testing sparse solo voices.

Handles internet radio tooIts Bluetooth performance is extremely capable (though wired sounds better), and the FM tuner keeps a steady grip on signals, again letting voices, spoken or sung, chime through without ever grating – even when the volume is maxed out.

In terms of entertainment, the XS even outshines some dedicated docks.

If you’re a globetrotter who craves entertainment on the go (and don’t forget that this can include internet radio from your mobile device), or even just want a swish clock-radio, the XS chould be just the ticket.

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