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equipment racks again

hi guys

i was wondering if any of you have a corner fitting hi fi rack or can reccomend one to me i need space for 5 pieces of equipment thanks

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Re: equipment racks again

Don't reject having something made - I had a solid oak stand to my own spec (tongue + groove etc.) made up for £250, there's an outfit that sell cyrus hark type things on e-bay not unreasonably priced. I'm running pretty expensive kit on it - one of the few hi fi things I've not got too stupid with...

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Re: equipment racks again

Is that stand good then? I am thinking of getting one of those made for my Arcam gear. Is it sturdy as the pictures look like the units are precariously balanced?



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Re: equipment racks again

I didn't get one made by those guys.

I designed what I wanted and got a localish joiner to make it up, mines more solid (and to be fair expensive) than their stuff. Whilst it's chunky and I got some RDC cones for it, it is somewhat inflexible as I got built as one unit and so will only take slimmer components - this has the advantage that it  stops me buying more bigger hi-fi.

It could well be that a Quadraspire Reference is well better - but for now a 'hi fi' rack is low down the list.....mind you I did get some granite speaker platfoms off e-bay, so next step a HNE!

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