That Was Then… LG 47LG5000 review

Read the review for LG's OLED55C6V 4K OLED and it would be easy to believe that LG can do no wrong. This cutting-edge 55in OLED TV is one of the best out there, with stunning black rendition, contrast and detail resolution.

It’s also lovely to use and gives off an aura of luxury that easily lives up to the £3000 price tag.

A brilliant set then, but LG didn’t always have such a magical touch. Just witness the 47LG5000 we reviewed back in July 2008.


This was a proper stinker, made back when LG still relied on low price and a truckload of features to entice buyers. At that time, 47in screens were considered massive, and getting such a size for £1100 was right up there with finding out the Tax Office had made a mistake and was refunding you with interest.

Out of the box, the 47LG5000 looked good, “a well-made screen that doesn’t disgrace itself in the showroom”, and its specification sheet was predictably impressive.

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It included Full HD, three HDMIs and twin tuners – these things are now standard, even at budget levels, but back then it showed that LG had really tried.

The problem was the performance. You name it, we had a complaint about it. Colours were overripe, motion handling was poor, and black levels were hardly worthy of the tag. The 47LG5000 ended up with a paltry two stars, and even that was probably generous.

It’s clear LG has improved an awful lot in a remarkably short time. Its screens are usually right up there with the very best at the price, and in OLED the company has a technology that can deliver stunning results.

The current range, with products such as the OLED55C6V, shows that the brand’s engineers have learned the lessons of the past well. Very well indeed.

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