9 of the best readers' hi-fi and home cinema systems

We've been asking our readers and assorted hi-fi and AV enthusiasts to share pictures of their music and movie systems online for some time now and we thought it right that we round-up a few of our favourites for a wider audience.

We found out a little bit about each system in the process, from how it came to be to how it might develop next - not that these systems need much changing from the looks of it.

If you want to get involved, post a picture of your system using the hashtag #WHFsystems on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we will share our favourites. And no system is too small, even if these examples are on the extravagant side...

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Peter Vosper, @vosper79

Cyrus One, Myryad Z210, Sonus Faber Chameleon B, Roth Audio sub, Philips 4K TV, Playstation 4, Soundstyle Z1, Fisual speaker cable, Audioquest interconnects

“This system cost nearly £3000. The Cyrus has ample power to get the speakers singing, and they sound fast and full of energy. The addition of the stands opened up the sound a little and took away a bit of the boom. When I want some more low end I switch on the Roth subwoofer. Obviously it's down to personal preference, but for now I'm very happy with my set-up.”

Shaun Cupp, @bikingshaun

Marantz 2252b, Klipsch Heresy III, JL Audio E112, Sony XBR49X800D TV, Oppo UDP 203, Apple TV, U-turn Audio Orbit, iMac, Schiit Audio Modi DAC, Ideon Audio 3R USB reclocker

"My goal was to fully integrate a classic 70s era Marantz receiver into a modern set-up. When I rediscovered it neglected in a shed at my Dad’s house, I was determined to see it in use again. It didn’t require much work and the service was really all cosmetic.

"From there I added the Klipsch Heresy IIIs – they have the classic looks and sound. On the video side, I went with the Sony XBR49X800D. The screen size is perfect for the small space and the performance is pretty good at the price. The Oppo UDP 203 is an amazing UHD Blu-ray player and I was also very pleased to see the inclusion of SACD and DVD Audio since HD audio is important to me."

Robert Lindh, @craken1982

KEF Reference 207, McIntosh MA7000, McIntosh MCD500, Pro-Ject RPM10, Chromecast Audio, Goldring 2500, Choseal cables

“Hi-fi and music has been a thing for me for about 20 years. This system is well balanced – bad recordings sound bad, but still fun, and great recordings sound truly amazing. Future planned upgrades include a standalone phono stage and a better streamer. At the moment, I'm using Chromecast Audio connected to my CD player's built-in DAC, but it has some issues. And of course the acoustic treatment – I've done some work but I'm not finished with it yet.”

David Smith, @tonightsdram

Bowers & Wilkins 683 S2, Marantz PM 7005, Marantz CD6006, Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB DC, Apple TV, iPad Mini, Audioquest cables, Salamander Designs rack, VibraPods feet

“I love the flexibility of having vinyl, CD, and high-quality streaming formats all in one system that is simple, looks great, easy to use, and frankly sounds amazing, to my ears anyway. I honestly can't imagine having better sound in my home. I have some short-term plans to upgrade to Audioquest power cables, perhaps along with a Niagra 1000. A longer-term plan may include the Marantz Reference Series and some B&W CM9 speakers.”

Frank Neu, @soulmining

Micro Seiki RX/RY1500, Wheaton, Mörch and Micro Seiki tonearms, Whest Audio TWO.2, Monk Audio The Monk, PS Audio DL III, Mac Mini, Proceed PTD III, Classé Audio CP500, CA2100, Audio Psychic Scorpio II, Klipsch SW115 sub, Solidsteel rack

“I started 25 years ago with my first experience in high-end components. After a NAD 501 amplifier and a NAD 302 CD Player, my system grew to include the Naim Nait3 and the Naim CD3 with Dynaudio Conture 1.1. After this came the German ST amplifiers, a Pierre Lurne turntable, the Dynaudio Conture 2.8, MBL, Chord Electronics, YBA, Trigon... this is my current set-up.”

Ian Hung, @gooeygroove

JBL 4312E, Dynaco ST-150, Technics SL-1200Mk2, Schiit SYS, Macbook

“I've gone through a few revisions but have settled on this. One change stemmed from a trip to a record museum in Niikappu. One wall of the apartment-sized listening room turned out to be the speaker itself... the moment the first note struck, I was a changed man and needed a big sound. Enter the JBL 4312E monitors.”

Kris Rogers, @llcool_k

B&W CM7, Rega Elicit-R, Bluesound Node 2, Rega RP3/Elys 2

“I started out with a Rotel RA-10 amp and Sonos ZP90, then added eBay-sourced Trio KA-80 amps and a Rega RP3.

"When a colleague told me of a great deal on a Rega Elicit-R, I jumped at the chance. At the same time I swapped the Sonos ZP90 for a Bluesound Node 2, and switched my Spotify subscription to Tidal Masters. The difference was substantial.”

Chris Wood, @woodsee79

Rega Brio, Rega Apollo, Quad 11L, Custom Design FS104, Chord Crimson, Chord Carnival Silver, Grado SR80E

"The system has taken two years to build, having previously owned Exposure equipment. For quieter evenings, I use the Grado headphones using a basic headphone amp by SMSL. The rough cost of the system was around £1600, and it delivers a very nice, neutral sound. Next on the list? Maybe a Rega DAC."

Magnus Hultstrand, @magnussirius227

Naim Supernait 2, Naim NDX, Synology NAS, Pro-Ject 2Xperience Superpack, Naim Stageline N, Naim Ovator S-400

“I heard a lot about the 'Naim sound' and was intrigued by it. I had a demo of the Nait XS and was blown away – this was 'my' sound. I knew then I wanted a full-blown Naim system. I'd rather spend my money on music than cables and tweaks, so the Naim suits me perfectly.”

Joe Cox
Content Director

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