• Epson EH-TW6000W
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Impressive, and a fair bargain. Few projectors are this complete at twice the price
Fine all-round performance for its price
complete spec, including wireless support
No vertical lens shift
some video noise at times
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Even by Epson's consistently high standards, the EH-TW6000W is special.

Its specification seems improbably complete given its price: it handles 3D, supports a split-screen function that allows it to project two different images at once (ideal for multiplayer gaming) and even includes an external wireless video transmitter.

Equipped with an HDMI input, this transmitter can accept any video signal up to 1080p 3D and beam it to the 6000W, meaning no need for a long HDMI cable.

We'd still use a wire by preference, but the wireless system really is acceptable.

3D performance is respectable, too. An emitter is built-in, although an external unit can be added, and you get a pair of active- shutter glasses (extra pairs are about £80).

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3D images on a par with rivalsThe Epson boosts its brightness to suit 3D viewing. There's a trace of crosstalk, but if the image lacks the outright depth of the Panasonic PT-AE5000E, it's certainly up to par with most others in this class.

2D pictures are largely impressive too. Solid blocks of colour can be affected by some video noise, but the Epson is appealing, its edges crisply drawn and its colours commendably natural.

All that and, in its 'eco' mode, the Epson's incredibly quiet, at just 24dB. Put it into 'normal' and set its automatic iris to 'high speed' and its a shade noisier, but overall, this is an effective, user-friendly design.

Our only gripe of any note, in fact, is that it dispenses with the simple vertical lens-shift control fitted to other Epsons, which seems a retrograde step – but it's not enough of an issue to impact on this projector's resounding five-star success.

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