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The best iPhone 11 Black Friday deals 2020

The best iPhone 11 deals ahead of Black Friday 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

While the iPhone 11 is not the cheapest iPhone on the market – that's the iPhone SE (2020) – it is still more reasonably priced than the iPhone 12, not to mention the  iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. In fact, we think it's the sweet spot of the entire iPhone range as it now stands.

So, if you're looking to pick one up at a bargain price, this is the page for you. Read on for a feast of iPhone 11 deals – including a feast of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales savings.

The standard iPhone 11 is the baby of the iPhone 11 family. While its LCD screen isn't quite as detailed or as deft as the OLED panels of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is still plenty bright and sharp. And at 6.1in, it's large enough to do movies and TV shows justice. There's also support for HDR, with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision available for suitably encoded content. 

Thanks to the A13 Bionic chip, you're treated to a swift and enjoyable user experience, while the cameras make it almost impossible to take a bad shot. Throw in Apple's foolproof iOS operating system, and you have a great, low(ish) cost iPhone that's a solid step up from the iPhone SE.

iPhone 11 64GB Black 60GB data | £26pm | £150 upfront
Here's the best Black Friday iPhone 11 deal - use code 10off to save even more.View Deal

iPhone 11 100GB data | Free handset | £35pm
This Black Friday deal gets you a free iPhone 11 (you pay £0 upfront) on a £35 per month Three contract. And with a whopping 100GB of data included every month, you should be able to stream your favourite TV shows on the go.View Deal

iPhone 11 64GB 54GB data | £150 £99 upfront | £39pm
Don't want to pay £730 upfront for an iPhone 11? We don't blame you. With this deal, you pay just £99 upfront. Your monthly bill will be a reasonable £30 and includes 54GB of monthly data plus unlimited calls and texts.View Deal

The iPhone 11 has plenty of audio ability too, including support for Apple’s ‘spatial audio’ playback and Dolby Atmos

The speakers sound good by smartphone standards but plug in a decent pair of in-ear headphones (you’ll need Apple’s 3.5mm-to-Lightning dongle), or connect to a pair of wireless earbuds, and you'll discover plenty of musicality and rhythmic drive.

As we've come to expect from Apple, there are no real negatives – especially if you can pick up this excellent handset at a discounted price.

We think the standard iPhone 11 is the pick of the iPhone 11 family, thanks to its skills as a fantastic all-rounder. It ticks some of the boxes of its higher-specced siblings, but costs a lot less. Which is why we gave it a coveted What Hi-Fi? Award in 2019. Accolades don't come much higher, and prices don't come much cheaper than the ones you see here.


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