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DALI Ikon 6 review

Not many speakers can match the Ikon 6’s combination of full-bodied midrange, treble sparkle and crisp timing Tested at £899.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

The Ikon 6s are great speakers – and 2004 Award-winners


  • A generous and full-bodied sound that works well with all types of music
  • decent build and finish


  • These are big speakers and need plenty of space around them to work well

Some products just sound right. We're not saying they are perfect, more that you can plug them into a system and nothing jars or distracts from the music's message.

Dali's floorstanding Ikon 6s are a great example. Yes, some rival speakers will offer higher levels of refinement and bass slam for the money. However, the Ikons have such a wonderfully open and fluid presentation that such things simply cease to matter.

Not many can match the Ikon 6's combination of full-bodied midrange, treble sparkle and crisp timing. Add an impressive sense of scale into the mix and it's no surprise that these floorstanders work well with music as wide ranging as Springsteen and Stravinsky. An essentially neutral tonal balance and strong dynamics help, too.

Good dispersion
The unusual twinned tweeter module, which uses a conventional soft dome augmented by a ribbon unit above 10kHz, produces a crisp, insightful performance and has good dispersion characteristics. The result is that you can enjoy decent stereo imaging from a wider range of listening positions.

We've only one caveat: the Dali Ikon 6s are big speakers, measuring a metre high, and sound best placed into the room. Provided you can find the space, we're sure you'll be equally impressed.