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Clearer Audio Copper-line Alpha (Interconnect) review

You can buy this fine cable for as little as £35 if you only need 1/2m Tested at £85.00

Our Verdict

Another fine Clearer Audio interconnect. A fine choice at this price level


  • Punchy, dynamic sound
  • flexibility in termination and length
  • good build quality


  • Lacks the subtlety and insight of the best

Clearer Audio's entry-level interconnect, the Alpha, is a good one. It's available for as little as £35 for 1/2m of the cable plus the same again for a set of the rather good Eichmann RCA plugs.

It's well worth going for the shorter length of cable if you can, not just to save money either. In our experience, shorter lengths tend to give better sound and also reduce the wiring spaghetti found behind hi-fi and home cinema systems. That's got to be a good thing.

This, though, is the 1m version, which takes the overall price to £85. For those who want balanced connection, Clearer Audio can also fit Neutrik XLRs for another fiver.

Articulate sound
A listen to one of our old favourites, the Gladiator OST, reveals a fast and articulate sound free from undue emphasis on any part of the frequency range.

Dynamics are impressively fast and punchy and the midrange is clean, articulate and nicely fleshed out.
For the money, this is a fine choice; however, it isn't flawless.

Similarly priced rivals from the likes of Cyrus deliver more subtlety and slightly greater insight into the recording.
The shortfall in either area isn't massive, but it is enough to stop the Copper-line Alpha gaining that fifth star.