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Chord Company Prodac review

The Prodac's another excellent cable from Chord Company, and will help your system gain drive. Unfortunately though, the price is high Tested at £80.00

Our Verdict

It'll help your system deliver drive, but it's just pipped on price


  • Delivers drive and low frequency might
  • good detail


  • Price is just a wee bit high

We've used Chord cables at demos for years now, and for good reason: they just work.

The Prodac is neither showy to behold nor flashy to listen to: it's simply an effective cable that helps your system deliver more drive and low-frequency heft than with cheaper cables available.

It's detailed too, bringing out more focus in voices while avoiding hardness or edge.

The downside? Wireworld's Starlight 6 is a little better and costs only £10 more.