Best internet radios

There are tens of thousands of internet radio stations all over the world - from German grindcore to alternative country, from Jamaican dancehall to Pops J and K, Irish pub music to freezing-point chill-out. Whatever takes your fancy is just waiting for you.

Sure, you could listen on your smartphone using one of the many internet radio apps. But for superior sound you need a dedicated internet radio.

These are our pick of the bunch, with prices at a couple of different price points. Happy listening.

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Under £250

Roberts Stream 94i

The Stream 94i is the complete package, and that makes it the best radio (at its price) out there.


Spotify Connect | Bluetooth | Companion app

Reasons to Buy
Great sound
Modern design
Easy-to-use remote
Spotify Connect
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

Under £500

Ruark R2 Mk3

Pricey? Yes. But this is really a complete all-in-one system with internet radio built in. Performance is spacious and dynamic, while the design ticks all the boxes.

Reasons to Buy
Excellent sound quality
Impressive timing
Exciting dynamics
Stunning build and design
Easy to use
Extensive streaming features
Reasons to Avoid
No dedicated app just yet