Our Verdict 
A superb budget projector that delivers subtlety and excitement in spades
Clear, richly detailed picture
Deep blacks
Smooth motion
Great price
3D glasses need to be bought separately
Wireless kit adds £250 to the price
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If you’re looking for big-screen entertainment on a budget, this BenQ should be your first port of call.

A Full HD 3D projector that delivers an astonishingly good performance, it’s an absolute bargain for its £650 price tag.


Play the Pacific Rim Blu-ray and the W1070+ delivers a richly detailed, silky smooth and wonderfully punchy picture. Its vibrant colour palette has no trouble tackling the film’s myriad colours with aplomb.

Vivid reds could do with a touch more subtlety and skin- tones could be shaded more realistically, but overall it’s an enjoyable picture. That picture is clear and crisply drawn too, with a good sense of depth to films.

The W1070+ also manages to discern dark objects against shadowy backgrounds without compromising on fine detail.

Avoid blocking the air vents around the projector so the lens doesn’t overheat and get damaged

It’s also a smooth picture, with no hiccups in motion, whether it’s Captain America dishing out justice with his speedy shield or the panning scenes across the railway station in Hugo.

In 3D, the picture has a lovely sense of depth, and the W1070+ manages to deliver a stable and likeable image despite the inevitable dimming. The active-shutter glasses aren’t included, and they’re around £50 a pair.

Compared with rivals such as the Epson EH-TW5200, DVDs are entirely watchable on the W1070+. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is upscaled with minimum fuss; there’s very little noise to deal with and a good helping of detail is left intact.

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Sound quality, too, is refreshingly good for a projector. Projectors tend not to sound that great on their own, but the BenQ defies that rule with a well-rounded, punchy and listenable sound.

Its 10W ‘resonant chamber’ speaker delivers clear dialogue, while surround effects are fleshed out admirably. Upgrade to a 5.1 system (like the Q Acoustics Q2000i 5.1), and you’ll get an even more immersive and exciting sound.

Build and design

The W1070+ projector is light at 2.75kg, yet it’s sturdily built as well. There are controls for zoom, focus and keystone, including a manual lens shift.

Setting up the projector is quick and painless (we used a THX Optimizer disc to get the picture perfectly tuned). The remote, which is responsive and easy to use, has a bright red backlight.

Make sure You use a THX Optimizer disc to get the most accurate picture on screen

There’s a good spread of connections on the BenQ for analogue and digital sources alike. Two HDMI inputs and a PC input share space with composite and component inputs, while two 3.5mm audio jacks are also available.

The W1070+ is also compatible with BenQ’s new Wireless Full HD Kit (£250). It gives you an extra two HDMI inputs, but - most importantly - it negates the need to keep your projector close to the rest of your AV kit as this ‘hub’ will transmit Full HD and 3D images to your projector.


The BenQ W1070+ is a big improvement upon its predecessor the W1070. Its subtle and punchy picture quality - complete with satisfyingly deep black levels and smooth motion - is utterly engrossing.

We like its compact design, its upscaling talents and that surprisingly full-bodied sound quality too. And all that for just £650? If you’re thinking of building your first home cinema system, this projector should be at the top of your shopping list.

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BenQ W1070+
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