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Best DACs 2017

Product of the year

Best DAC £1000+

Chord Hugo 2

“There isn’t another DAC around at anywhere near this sort of price able to communicate so torrentially, so unambiguously or so effortlessly"

Best buys

Best USB DAC under £150

Cyrus soundKey

“The soundKey can turn your mobile listening into an authentically high-fidelity experience”

Best USB DAC £150+

Audioquest DragonFly Red

“It’s a supremely compact and convenient device that can be taken anywhere for an immediate musical boost”

Best DAC £500-£1000

Chord 2Qute

“The 2Qute is another success story for Chord – its unerring accuracy, insight and rhythmic drive are impressive, and it’s a joy to listen to”

Best DAC under £500

Chord Mojo

“The excellent resolution impresses, but it’s the Mojo’s ability to organise all that information into a cohesive and musical whole that makes it stand out from the competition”