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Spendor A6 review

These are brilliant speakers for the money. Their sound is a class-leading combination of insight and naturalness Tested at £1895

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Outstanding speakers without any obvious flaws. In fact, they don’t have any obscure flaws either. These Spendors are true must-hear hi-fi


  • Rousing musicality on all levels
  • attractive in a squat kind of way
  • unfussy about room positioning


  • Easily overlooked when browsing

Size is no guarantee of performance. We understand that, having decided on floorstanders, you might prefer something a little more purposeful-looking than these compact numbers.

Peer a little closer, though. The Spendor A6s are beautifully constructed and entirely bespoke from the drivers to the cabinet reinforcement.

Then sit down and listen, and wonder if you don't perhaps have the need for small but perfectly formed floorstanders.

Dexterity and attack in spades
Take the work the Spendors do with Brakes' bug-eyed Eternal Return, for instance. If it's dexterity and attack you value, the A6s have it in spades.

The same goes for tonal neutrality and transparency, for low-frequency drive and poise, and for sheer midrange articulation.

Indie-pop dynamics pose no problems, and the fleet-footed exuberance of the song is delivered in one piece.

There's frankly unlikely extension and punch where the bottom end is concerned, and the sort of on-a-sixpence entry into and exit from individual notes that only the more accompiished rivals can match.

Traditional values are still there
This isn't to say Spendor has binned its traditional virtues of refinement and composure in pursuit of dynamic attack.

Far from it. Warren Zevon's high-gloss The Hula Hula Boys is delivered with its sneering, wise-after-the-event vocal intact, even as the music is buffed to a shine and the details dished explicitly.

When the going gets minimal, the A6s offer atmosphere to match any rival and can switch to full orchestral overload in an instant if so required. They have what in America might be called an ‘all-court game'.

Shortcomings are few. Like any virtuoso, the A6s are relatively picky about partnering equipment – any flaws in your sources or amplification won't be mercilessly pounced on, but observations will definitely be made.

Other than that, it's all gravy – they're not even all that precious about positioning relative to a back wall.

If you're in the market for speakers at this sort of money, you owe it to yourself to hear the Spendor A6s.


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General Information

Manufacturer Website Address
Brand NameSpendor
Product TypeSpeaker
ManufacturerSpendor Audio Systems Ltd
Manufacturer Part NumberA6
Product NameSpendor A6
Product ModelA6

Technical Information

Minimum Frequency Response53 Hz
Crossover Type2-way
Sensitivity88 dB
RMS Output Power200 W
Impedance8 Ohm
Maximum Frequency Response20 kHz
Driver Type29 mm Ferrofluid Tweeter

Physical Characteristics

Form FactorFloor Standing
Width192 mm
Depth280 mm
Weight Approximate18 kg
Height875 mm
Dimensions875 mm (H): 192 mm (W): 280 mm (D)


Limited Warranty5 Year