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Unison Research reveals Unico 90 integrated amp

Italian specialist Unison Research has announced a new stereo integrated amplifier. The Unico 90 utilises a lot of principles first deployed on 2015's Unico 150.

That means using as few active amplification stages as possible - the Unico 90 uses a two-stage circuit with claimed global feedback of zero. The whole preamplifier section is passive, with a ultra low-noise volume control and inactive input sources decoupled in a drive for minimal cross-talk.

A dual-mono design, the Unico 90 employs valves in its gain stage - a Unison Research trademark.

Power is quoted at 160 watts per channel (into a 4-ohm load). Three pairs of line-level RCAs and two pairs of XLRs make up the inputs, and there are sufficient speaker terminals for biwirng.

The Unico 90 is on sale now, priced at £3500. Unless you want a black one, in which case it's £3600.


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