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Microsoft offering Xbox Insiders a chance to skip the line and reserve a Series X or S

Microsoft offering Xbox Insiders chance to skip the line and reserve a Series X or S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Struggling to get hold of an Xbox Series X? In an effort to beat the scalpers, Microsoft has announced a new 'Console Purchase Pilot' program that will give a limited number of Xbox Insiders the chance to buy either an X or Xbox Series S.     

The US-only program is currently limited to Xbox Insiders – 'Insiders' being Xbox owners who volunteer to test new software updates – with an Xbox One console. Fit the bill? Head over to the Xbox Insider Hub app on your Xbox One to register.

A lucky few will receive a message from Microsoft notifying them that they can take up the offer to buy a Series X/S, the company said in a comment on the Xbox Insider subreddit.

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Both the Sony PS5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series consoles have been in short supply since launching last year. However, massive demand for stay-at-home entertainment, combined with an ongoing semiconductor shortage, has led to a worldwide stock shortage.

There's no word on whether Microsoft will roll out the new Console Purchase Pilot program beyond the US, but with demand continuing to outstrip supply, it could be a very real possibility.

Microsoft recently admitted that Xbox Series X/S supply issues could continue until June, while Sony is reported to have told investors that the PS5 stock shortage could run into 2022. Sony is even said to be considering a "change of design" that would allow it to make the PS5 in larger volumes.


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