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Dynaudio DM3/7 review

Siblings to the Award-winning DM 2/6, Dynaudio's DM 3/7 floorstanders are packed with positives, although we'd like some more subtlety Tested at £1300.00

Our Verdict

Plenty of positives make for an enticing £1300 floorstander


  • Solid build
  • smart finish
  • plenty of power
  • solid bass
  • go loud


  • Lack a little midrange subtlety and detail
  • bass could be more agile

Dynaudio calls its DM range ‘cost-effective, high performance solutions'. And with this speaker's sibling (the Award-winning DM 2/6) fresh in our minds, that seems a fair enough claim. But, a £1300 speaker has to do lots to justify the tagline.

The DM 3/7 is the floorstander in question. It has two 17cm magnesium silicate polymer midbass drivers housed in die-cast aluminium baskets, alongside a 28mm tweeter.

Two finishes are offered: the black ash laminate here or rosewood veneer.

Impressive dynamics
Volume, power and bass are beloved characteristics of the Danish company, and the DM 3/7 doesn't disappoint.

Listening to Drake's Over, the cool breeze around our ankles testifies to a speaker that's capable of shifting plenty of air to provide fullsome bass, if at times lacking a smidgeon of agility.

Working our way through some classical music, we're treated to impressive dynamics, the DM 3/7s delivering power and drama as required, while building a vivid, revealing soundstage.

At times a little clarity and detail is missing in complex recordings, but this doesn't detract from what remains a speaker with which you can happily wile away a whole music collection.

Delicate vocals
The ‘dream pop' of Beach House delivers breathy, delicate vocals, for which the Dynaudio floorstanders prove perfectly happy to give space and allow to fill the room, while picked guitars and crisp drums are delived with subtlety.

Only a little more precision, helping sounds to stop and start with more immediacy and allowing for greater clarity, might be welcome.

The DM 3/7s might not quite match their stablemates, but they're still a must-hear.

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