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AKG K370 review

With a good fit and a crisp sound, these AKGs should be on your audition list Tested at £73.00

Our Verdict

Comfortable and crisp, these AKGs are good performers for the price


  • Good value for the money
  • crisp sounding
  • good noise isolation


  • Cluttered presentation
  • some sibilance

The unusually long enclosure of these AKGs means they stick out of your ear a fair distance, but they're perfectly comfortable to wear and they prove fairly good at isolating outside noise.

The noise they deliver themselves is very crisp and direct, with lots of punch through the whole frequency range.

When tracks get particularly busy, the presentation can get a little cluttered, and there's just a smidge of sibilance to treble, but overall these are impressive in-ear headphones for the money – especially when you consider that they also have a microphone and one-button control.

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