Our Verdict 
You’re spoiled for choice where iPod docks are concerned, but this is a poor example
Good spec
nicely portable
Sounds muddled at best
low frequencies prone to rattling and distortion
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Another day, another iPod dock system.

The Altec Lansing iMT702 shows up to the party with an extensive specification: integrated lithium-ion battery, good for three or four hours' continuous playback; FM radio reception with four presets accessible from the remote control; 3.5mm input for other MP3 players.

The iMT702 is compact enough, also, to be tucked under one arm or stashed in hand-luggage without any problems.

The dock springs out from the front, control is via remote, or a row of buttons on top, and it will cope with all recent iPods.

With a Classic secured and a lossless file of Roy Orbison's The Comedians playing, we sat back. And were underwhelmed.

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We're not expecting a dock like this to provide the last word in scale or punch, but the Altec Lansing sounds confined, constricted and, frankly, dull.