£ 2500

Super-size screen at a great price

£ 2400

Best 60in+ TV, Awards 2012. Superb value for such a big set, with premium SD and HD pictures

£ 850

Lacks a few bells and whistles, but a pedigree 50in plasma at a bargain price

£ 600

Best 32in TV, Awards 2012. Across-the-board quality, from menus to motion handling

£ 2000

Stylish and commendable, but faces strong competition

£ 2000

An accomplished, covetable and high-performing TV, but optimistically priced

£ 1150

A fine performer in isolation – but it has some tough competition

£ 1300

Not an unqualified success, but gets plenty more right than it gets wrong

£ 1600

There's lots to like here, from the top-notch HD picture to the easy-going 3D

£ 1250

Best 46-47in TV, Awards 2012. Looks great, and a truly outstanding performer at the price