Blu-ray players


£ 90

A Blu-ray player at under £100 may seem like a bargain, but while it is cheap enough we just can't get excited about this Tesco disc spinner

£ 100

Toshiba's BDX2100 Blu-ray player is certainly a bargain, but it needs a little bit more on the features front to keep pace with its rivals

£ 270

Great minimalist style and a reasonable price – but the LG’s performance is merely ‘OK’

£ 380

Great 3D (and 2D) performance – and an extra HDMI output means you don’t need to buy a new receiver

£ 130

In the BDP3100, Philips has produced a great Blu-ray player that's only really beaten on price by its leading rival

£ 265

A solid spec, great performance and reasonable price-tag – but we do have a few reservations

£ 230

Blu-ray Product of the Year, Awards 2010. This superb 3D performer serves up images full of depth, as well as nimble, full-bodied sound

£ 460

In its own right this is a great Blu-ray player, but we simply can't recommend it at such an exorbitant price

£ 700

Best Blu-ray/HDD recorder, Awards 2010. It's not often we see a product as complex as this Panasonic Blu-ray recorder

£ 190

Sitting at a very reasonable £190, this LG Blu-ray spinner certainly does much right, but in a highly competitive market that's just not enough