Micro and style systems


£ 330

Unlike most micro systems we encounter, this TEAC is DVD-ready, but even with video piped via its HDMI it lacks something in picture quality terms

£ 250

Pity the remote control gives a poor impression all the time, because this is actually a clear-sounding and attractive piece of DAB technology

£ 250

A typically impressive design from Pure, which looks good and has useful features like DAB reception - if only it didn't sound so plain

£ 300

This is a very fine, well featured micro system: reasonable speakers as an option, though it's good enough to witthstand even better boxes

£ 215

The USB input on this latest laptop amp makes sense, as do the three line-level inputs, but we're not entirely sold on it

£ 1299

The Audio Analogue Enigma is a very fine-sounding combination of CD player, tuner and ampliification - but it's let down by various usability problems

£ 700

Multiroom is a real possibility for many due to this price and ease of use- it isn't jump up and down great on sound quality though

£ 1295

A one-box CD, amp, tuner combination that offers superb performance with the convenience of a single-box micro system – just add a pair of speakers

£ 75

Goodmans offers an awful lot for not much money with this cool-looking and adequate-sounding DAB-equipped CD micro system - how do they do it?

£ 2750

Great if you're looking for an ostentatious system that'll attract 'oohs' and 'aahs' from friends, even if it's not a class-leading sound or value pro