Micro and style systems


£ 100

For £100 you're never going to get audiophile-standard sound quality, but the Panasonic SC-EN38 is still a good value micro system

£ 200

If you’re on a budget this is a great little versatile system – pay more for a jump in sound quality

£ 1250

The Mi is packed with useful features and sounds great, too – a real winner

£ 420

An alternative to the ubiquitous iPod and dock, the Brennan’s well worth investigating

£ 800

The Pioneer PDX-Z9 is an innovative idea, full of useful features, and comes in a tidy little package. It's a one-box hi-fi with digital amplification

£ 320

Plenty to offer but has simply been pipped at the post by a superior sounding rival

£ 300

The extra outlay for the iPod dock seems fair to us, while everything else about this system remains top drawer

£ 1495

It may have a silly name but this one-box CD receiver is a delight

£ 550

All-in one CD/DAB/iPod dock system, with a warm, lush and slightly reserved sound

£ 180

Accomplished performance, SD card and USB inputs combine with great style, price, flexibility and performance - the Hitachi is something of a winner