Micro and style systems


£ 500

Built-in wi-fi, AirPlay support and an integrated iPod dock – but no DAB tuner

£ 1800

This stylish music system has a jam-packed specification

£ 290

Priced to intrigue but it sounds disengaged

£ 550

Best all-in-one music system, Awards 2012. Brilliantly bridges the gap between dedicated dock and full-on micro system

£ 280

The Yamaha MCR-550 is a complete system but it is much better value if you ditch the flabby speakers

£ 440

The partnering of the NAD C715DAB system with the Q Acoustics 2010 speakers looks like quite a bargain on paper

£ 500

The Yamaha MCR-640 CD player and receiver system comes with glossy speaker cabinets that look the business

£ 500

The Marantz M-CR603 is one slick, fully loaded little system that's more than capable of running top-notch speakers

£ 350

The Onkyo CS-545UK keeps things simple and is all the better for it

£ 999

The Philips MCI900 may have striking looks but the musical delivery is unforgivably bland and soft