Audio interconnects (analogue)


£ 30

TCI's new low-cost Tiger II fails to deliver where it matters most

£ 105

Although there's much to admire, the Baton Mk II struggles to combine vocals with instruments

£ 60

Now on its fourth incarnation, Merlin's Bach interconnect is still a great cable but lacks a touch of dynamism when needed

£ 200

This chunky-plugged interconnect is not quite as accomplished as it looks

£ 60

Despite the name, this eye-catching interconnect doesn't allow for musical harmony

£ 50

The Conductor has lost its edge to newer rivals

£ 27

A good upgrade or first 'serious' cable, but you can get more for the same money

£ 83

Ticks all the boxes- spot on

£ 178

The Maestro MA2 may be getting on in years but it remains an appealing buy

£ 50

Designed specifically for iPod-to-hifi connectivity in mind. It sounds excellent.