Audio interconnects (analogue)


£ 17

Quality 3.5mm – 3.55mm cable. It's 1st generation iPhone-compatible and delivers excellent sound.

£ 73

Best iPod cable, Awards 2010. Excellent interconnect for iPod and iPhone owners

£ 17

We’re no nearer understanding why the Gotham Swiss range is so well regarded in some quarters

£ 85

You can buy this fine cable for as little as £35 if you only need 1/2m

£ 750

As with the Atlas Mavros speaker cables you'll need a fat wallet but they offer excellent performance

£ 180

If you like to seek out the most subtle sounds, the Navigator is ideal

£ 399

Handles top end sounds quite beautifully and unearths subtleties with ease

£ 125

With mounds of muscle, the Chameleon never tires of digging for detail

£ 184

The entertaining Crystal Cu is a real all-rounder – a true class leader

£ 80

The Xen reveals plenty of detail, but it lacks the enthusiasm of the very best cables