1. LG 50PH660V

    LG 50PH660V

    There are some things to like here, but with a picture quality that lets it down, there are other options out there that you should consider first

    Our rating
  2. LG 32LN575V

    LG 32LN575V

    The bells and whistles of smart apps and streaming features go a long way in making this decent-looking TV a worthwhile option

    Our rating
  3. LG 42LA740V

    LG 42LA740V

    A decent performer if you prioritise a vivid image over subtlety

    Our rating
  4. LG Optimus L5 II

    LG Optimus L5 II

    This budget smartphone doesn't challenge the best phones around but solid all-round performance make it an affordable alternative

    Our rating
  5. LG BP730

    LG BP730

    Packed with features, but picture and sound quality just don’t hit the mark

    Our rating
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  7. LG 55LA860W

    LG 55LA860W

    Close but no cigar – the LG 55LA860W falls down too much in comparisons with class-leading sets, robbing it of the full five stars

    Our rating
  8. LG NB4530A

    LG NB4530A

    Best soundbar up to £400, Awards 2013. LG deserves the plaudits for squeezing plenty of features into, and excellent sound out of, this remarkably&

    Our rating
  9. LG 32LS5600

    LG 32LS5600

    A budget TV that gets the basics right

    Our rating
  10. LG NB3520A

    LG NB3520A

    More than just a basic upgrade to your TV sound, this soundbar is worth every penny

    Our rating
  11. LG 50PA650T

    LG 50PA650T

    Huge, no-nonsense TV offers a good balance between picture and price – it's just lacking a little detail to light and dark areas

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