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  1. LG 42SL8000

    LG 42SL8000

    Reviewed on 17th November 2009
    Price when reviewed £1000

    The LG 42SL8000 delivers punchy, high-contrast images from all sources

  2. LG 42SL9000

    LG 42SL9000

    Reviewed on 2nd November 2009
    Price when reviewed £1300

    A slim set that offers stable and detailed pictures, but for £1300 you can do better

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  3. LG HB954PB

    LG HB954PB

    Reviewed on 22nd September 2009
    Price when reviewed £600

    LG's HB954PB Blu-ray in a box system really is a solid, all-in-one achievement across the board

  4. LG 32LH5000

    LG 32LH5000

    Reviewed on 21st September 2009
    Price when reviewed £500

    The 32LH5000 is another worthy LCD television to emerge from the sometimes fractious LG stable

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  5. LG 42LH5000

    LG 42LH5000

    Reviewed on 13th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £750

    A price drop of £250 means that the LG42LH5000 is very good value for money, but arch-rival Samsung does it better for less

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  7. LG HB354BS

    LG HB354BS

    Reviewed on 3rd July 2009
    Price when reviewed £480

    We think this Blu-ray package from LG is rather accomplished and certainly stylish – especially for the money

  8. LG 37LF7700

    LG 37LF7700

    Reviewed on 8th June 2009
    Price when reviewed £1100

    The 37LF7700 is LG’s first foray into the world of Freesat TVs and it should be applauded

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  9. LG BD370

    LG BD370

    Reviewed on 9th May 2009
    Price when reviewed £220

    This LG Blu-ray player may have some virtues but it can't handle pictures as well as its rivals

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  10. LG 32LH7000

    LG 32LH7000

    Reviewed on 17th April 2009
    Price when reviewed £600

    LG's 32LH7000 LCD TV has a top-notch tech spec, distinctive styling and five-star performance, making it a worthy competitor in the 32in TV market

  11. LG 42LH7000

    LG 42LH7000

    Reviewed on 14th April 2009
    Price when reviewed £1100

    Just being 'good enough' in a world of stiff competition means that this LG 42LH7000 can't stand up with the rest

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