Sony and Panasonic working on next-gen 300GB optical discs

29 Jul 2013

Optical Discs

Sony and Panasonic have announced they are working together on the development of a next-generation, high-capacity optical disc format.

The companies hope to release new optical discs with a recording storage capacity of "at least 300GB" by 2015, six times the capacity of Blu-ray discs.

Digital files and streaming have seen a gradual decline in demand for software discs, but Sony and Panasonic say this new standard is being built for professional use, specifically long-term digital data storage. 

In a joint release, the companies said: "Optical discs have excellent properties to protect them against the environment... they also allow inter-generational compatibility between different formats, ensuring that data can continue to be read even as formats evolve."

Much larger volumes of storage are expected to be required in the future both amongst broadcast and motion picture industries but also cloud data centers.

Of course a new optical disc capable of storing much larger amounts of data could ultimately make its way on to the consumer market, with 4K Ultra HD video the most obvious material, if indeed 4K ever gets a disc format. 


by Joe Cox

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Whether its me or mr millionaire having a  state of the art 4k at the moment is pointless in Europe ,no content ,no streaming server like in America ,pointless.

I, don't think that any person should buy Sony products in the; UK and Europe until we get the same 4K TV Package deal as the USA.

Why should any person who could afford to buy a Sony 4K TV buy one, when the americans can get a free; server (computer) and ten films?

I just think it is a cheek!

4K (consumer) is coming.  Like it or not !   You can get a 50" LCD 4K TV for $1200 right now.

This is a HUGE misunderstanding!  Is for PROFESSIONAL use only (aka Studios).  NOT consumer!

4K consumer products are pointless!

changed view on this

what capacity needed for

4K Video ?

8K Video ?


Too many changing format is not good ideas. and if other manufacturer release another format make more problems

Whats happened to 500GB Blu Ray Discs:

Surely these are better to use than changing formats AGAIN!!!!!

When DVDR was at its peak people were able to back up hundreds of photos - from our 2MP camers - and Word documents. It fell out of favour as our storage requirements grew and cheap, high-capcity flash drives began to emerrge, but at least by then DVDR discs were dirt cheap. By the time BDRs came around peoples' storage needs had already exceeded the storage limitations of a single disc and the discs were expensive.

I think 300GB is a big enough jump and will be a useful size for back-ups, no matter who you ask. That's if it ever makes the consumer market, going by what's indicated above.