Power Ethernet tidies up whole-house networking

23 Feb 2012

New from British technology start-up Power Ethernet is a neat solution to running internet and network connectivity around the house – a mains socket with built-in PowerLine networking and four Ethernet ports.

The Power Ethernet T1000 socket fits in a standard 35mm two-gang back box, and needs nothing more than connection to the home mains wiring.

With one such socket connected to a router, multiple sockets in other rooms can then offer networking at up to 200Mbps without the need for adapters, and can connect up to four devices in each room.

It can work over a range of up to 300m, is fast enough to stream HD video, and is easily expandable with the addition of extra sockets.

Power Ethernet says its design has the advantage of being more reliable and robust than conventional adapters, which can be knocked out of the wall, and that it uses over 100 additional components to ensure the most stable signal.

Among the attributes is the ability to filter out interference from mobile phone chargers and transformers, while extra sockets added to the home will automatically join the network.

The sockets are available now from professional electrical fittings suppliers, with a single T1000 costing around £120 + VAT.

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Not a bad idea the fact it can filter out unwanted signals from elsewhere. I do wonder thoughwold running theinternet through the mains supply get in the way of AV equipment and make the need for mains conditioning even greater?

Seems a shame to lose a 13amp socket.  I would be happier retaining both 13amp sockets and having 1 ethernet port e.g. in the middle at the top.  Maybe they will expand the range later.

How much do Homeplug and the like cost?

Not nearly £300, I would bet.