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The Luna 7’s are a great option at the money
Delivers a confident, enjoyable sound
No brightness or sharpness to speak of
Not overly interesting to look at
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In your hand the Luna 7 doesn’t look overly interesting, not that we expect all interconnects to wow us with their beauty.

The blue jacket and lightweight plugs seem functional enough, though, and the odds are you will be hiding them out of sight…


But not out of mind, because the Luna 7s help to promote a really enjoyable and likeable sound. For an extra fiver, there’s greater body and weight to music compared to the Black Rhodium Twist.

Play Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen and the Luna 7 gets the track marching along with a confident and controlled delivery. There’s plenty of meat on the bones of those drum beats, but there’s also plenty of shine and sparkle to the glistening highs.

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There’s no brightness or sharpness to speak of and although weighty, there’s no suggestion that bass notes sound overblown.

The Luna 7’s are a great option at the money.

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