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Wharfedale Denton review

Retro looks and timeless sound make an appealing combination

Our Verdict

These are immensely likeable. Their relaxed yet engaging sound has a lot of appeal


  • Smooth, rich and expressive presentation
  • easy-going nature
  • solid build


  • Not the last word in attack, bass grip or rhythmic precision

There aren’t many audio companies that have been around long enough to celebrate 80 years in the business. But Wharfedale has – and it’s marked that impressive milestone with the Denton standmounters.

These speakers are deliberately retro in feel thanks to a vintage-look mahogany veneer, recessed front baffle and tungsten-coloured grille. But take a look at the engineering and there’s a more cutting-edge flavour.

Wharfedale Denton: Tech specs
The mid/bass driver uses a woven Kevlar cone, for example, and the cabinet is made of a wooden sandwich construction to control resonances.

Wharfedale has paid homage to the past by specifying a ferrite magnet for the textile soft-dome tweeter rather than the currently fashionable Neodymium alternative. The company claims that this magnet choice results in cleaner, softer and smoother high frequencies.

Wharfedale Denton

Wharfedale Denton: Sound quality
That’s how it sounds to us. The company has voiced these speakers with an ear on the past, and has come up with a really likeable performer.

If you want the last word is bass definition or rhythmic precision there are similarly-priced alternatives that will serve you better. However, if you just want to sit back, relax and listen, we can’t think of a rival at this price that will suit you better.

With that smooth treble, a full-bodied midrange and rich bass combine to deliver an easy-going sound that remains undemanding to listen to no matter how harsh the recording.

The Dentons don’t go too far, though. They’re still exciting with the likes of Nirvana and have the drive to satisfy with Eminem, but remain happiest with music that reflects their laid-back disposition. Given something like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata these speakers shine.

Wharfedale Denton: Verdict
These speakers aren’t brilliant all-rounders, but give them something that plays to their strengths they’re fully capable of delivering a large slice of sonic heaven.

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