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The Wave has a formidable array of talents and is one of the best cables at this kind of money
An open, informative and entertaining cable
well built
Nothing of note at this price level
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The distinctive olive-green sheathing of the Wave isn't just there just to look pretty. The colour is deliberately chosen to celebrate van den Hul's 20th year of environmentally friendly cable production.

All the company's cables since the late '80s have been designed to be recyclable, with no environmentally harmful byproducts.

However, as admirable as that sentiment is, it isn't as much of a selling point as this superb cable's performance.

It's been quite some while since we've come across a vdH interconnect at this kind of price level that really impressed us, but The Wave changes that. It's an open and lively cable that's as refined as it is entertaining.

Spread the word...Dynamics are vivid without being overblown and detail levels are very high.

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Add good timing and a smooth treble into the equation and you have a high-quality interconnect that works well in a wide range of systems and across all musical genres.

It helps that build quality is good, too. This simply adds more weight to  our view that The Wave deserves serious consideration. It would make an excellent upgrade for any budget hi-fi system.

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