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Wireworld Nova 6 review

Slightly unruly but likeable Tested at £40

Our Verdict

Slightly unruly but likeable


  • Good energy
  • bold sound


  • Less organised than some
  • tiring after a while

This Wireworld effort has a nice look to it: a plain-looking plastic body matched with ostentatious plugs.

Its construction is mostly sturdy, the plugs on our test unit felt a little loose.

This cable is very good at preserving the energy of a recording. It has good dynamic range and a bold sound.

Listening is a fun experience, although longer sessions may be a little tiring. It’s less organised, but this doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Overall the Nova 6 is like an up-and-coming band: the performance is not quite refined enough, but its energy is refreshing.

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