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Soundstyle WG4 review

Classy, refined performer at a decent price Tested at £280.00

Our Verdict

Smooth refined performer that doesn't sacrifice much in the way of bite.


  • Affordable, adjustable, refined performance, classy style, neat.


  • Atacama gives better dynamics

The WG4's wooden sides and frosted glass shelves are classy, while the spacing between the shelves is easily adjustable: ideal if your new amp is a lot bigger than the last one. It also has a back panel to hide the worst wiring mess.

This is a smooth, refined performer that doesn't sacrifice too much in the way of bite in the process. Sure, the Atacama Equinox gives better dynamics and detail, but the WG4 is a decent, far cheaper alternative.


General Information

Product NameSoundstyle WG4