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Isotek Evo Polaris/Premier review

This mains pairing allows your system to sound more positive and confident...

Our Verdict

A significant improvement on plugging straight to the wall and worth investigating


  • Allows for an open, revealing and detailed sound
  • Natural, fluid presentation


  • A little reticent where the mid-range and dynamics are concerned

This Isotek comprises the Evo Polaris mains block (£300) and Premier mains lead (£100). Isotek anticipates that vast majority of Evo Polaris blocks will be sold with the accompanying lead, so it has been priced to include two pieces of equipment.


There’s no arguing with the scale or separation of the sound the Isotek allows. Even a recording as subtly complicated as The Unthanks’ reading of Tom Waits’ No One Knows I’m Gone is laid bare, each individual strand secure in its own space.

There’s a fluency and naturalness to its presentation and a deal more heft to dynamic variations. A set-up with this Polaris/Premier combo taking care of supply duties is a more positive and confident listen, especially at the top of the frequency range.

And yet there are mild downsides. The Isotek pairing puts an emphasis on the extremities of the frequency range, and consequently vocals can be robbed of a little character and nuance.

And there’s a touch of restraint where dynamics are concerned, a slight tendency to play quiet/loud/quiet passages a little safe.


None of which means the Isotek isn’t worth investigating, of course, just that’s it’s a slightly qualified success.

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