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Ecosse The Big Orange (Mk 2) review

The figure of eight version of Ecosse's barnstorming Big Orange (Mk 2) is pretty much the equal of its sibling, although we'd like a touch less hardne Tested at £60.00

Our Verdict

Nearly as good as its three-pin sibling, Ecosse's figure of eight Big Orange (Mk 2) is a punchy, fast and detailed mains cable


  • Punchy sound
  • delivers smooth, subtle pictures
  • firm grip on motion


  • Some top end hardness

Ecosse's vibrant Big Orange is another lead we loved in three-pin format.
our Philips test TV a firm grasp of detail and motion.

We played an upscaled DVD of 1970s Brit action flick Juggernaut and the Ecosse got to work on the subtleties, while at the same time providing a punchy, fast-paced performance.

The wide, well-integrated sound was full of flair, with our one quibble being a touch of top-end hardness.

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