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Clearer Audio Silver-Line review

Clearer Audio has a strong pedigree, but this HDMI cable doesn't do quite enough to wow us Tested at £100.00

Our Verdict

A thoroughly average cable: there’s much better for this sort of money


  • Good colour palette
  • clear edge definition
  • low noise levels


  • Lacks dynamics and detailing
  • weak bottom end
  • motion needs more stability

You'll probably recognise the name Clearer Audio: over the years the company's Copper-line and Silver-line cable ranges have earned a series of great reviews in these pages.

However, the new Silver-line HDMI breaks with that tradition. Tested with the fast-paced Blu-ray of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, images from the Silver-line HDMI have good, clear edge-definition, and possess a natural colour palette. Noise levels are acceptable, too. But look a bit closer at this cable's performance and it's easy to pick holes.

Lacks punch and power
The effect on motion isn't the most stable we've seen at this money, with the university car chase lacking definition and dynamics. Detailing is capable, but we'd like our images crisper.

Those seeking sonic thrills will be disappointed by this cable's impact on low frequencies, too. This tends to throw the focus on the higher frequencies, meaning the Silver-line lacks punch and power when required.

Pit this against the class leaders and it's clear the Silver-line is an average performer. It's perfectly adequate, but at this kind of price we expect more bang for our buck. Chord's Active is a better buy.

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