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Audio Pro Porto review

This novelty telephone-box style speaker system has appetising looks and specification, but in reality its sound can easily be bettered elsewhere Tested at £175.00

Our Verdict

Get over the novelty design and you realise it's pretty pricey for what it actually does


  • Extensive spec
  • good looks
  • enjoyable video performance


  • Hit-and-miss sound quality
  • seems expensive

Here's an alternative to the usual white speaker docks. The Porto is a red (or black) leather-wrapped package with a hint of oversized Thermos about it. It packs an FM radio, two 3.5mm inputs, an S-Video output, sub preout and a big rechargeable battery (giving 4 hours playback).

Looks and spec are appetising, but sound is undercooked. Stereo imaging eludes the Porto – the three drivers produce a coherent, but narrow, sound. There's decent low-end presence and a rolling, well-judged treble, but the frequency range is pinched in the middle, leaving vocalists short of character and space.

FM reception is similarly compromised, and also lacks the heft of iPod playback.

Pictures look good on TV
Pictures are more impressive. Plugged into a TV, images are a little noisy and soft, but the Porto does a convincing job at the price. In fact, the Porto is most persuasive as an away-day video source.

In summary, the distinctive look and finish will pique some interest, but there's better performance to be had elsewhere for less.