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Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB review

The iPod Shuffle keeps it simple – and it’s brilliantly effective Tested at £40

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

The iPod Shuffle keeps it simple – and it’s brilliantly effective


  • Feels good, slick interface
  • neat features
  • sound is superb


  • 2GB capacity is only option available to you

The first Apple iPod Shuffle was released in 2005 as a cost-effective solution for those who enjoyed listening to a randomly shuffled selection of tracks.

As small as it’s ever been and with an integrated clip, it remains a simple machine, and ideal for joggers or others wanting ultra-light portability. And despite the small, light dimensions, it feels solidly put together.

There’s no display; instead, a neat voice feature can tell you the name of the track or playlist, or how much battery power is left. You also have the choice of shuffle or repeat playback.

The 2GB flash memory (your only option – it’s a shame there’s not a larger model) can be filled with songs or playlists and you’ll get 15 hours music from the battery when fully charged.

And it sounds great, delivering detail and punch, with clean treble and decent bass. Even the bundled Apple buds have improved slightly.

If you’re happy with the basic functionality, then you’ll be happy with the Shuffle.

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