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Apollo Zeus review

The Zeuses are beautifully made speaker stands that want for little and come in any colour you like Tested at £230.00

Our Verdict

Likeable and capable despite some slight reticence, the Apollos make even more sense if you’re after a bespoke stand


  • Solid, stable sound mimics the solid, stable looks
  • can be specified to meet your own exacting requirements


  • Not as adept with dynamic variations as is ideal

Form follows function closely where most speaker stands are concerned, and these new Zeus supports from Apollo couldn't be mistaken for anything but what they are.

Sure, they're beautifully made, with vaguely interesting curves to the top and bottom plates, but the crackle-black finish and sturdily machined floorspikes are familiar from many speaker stands down the ages.

Unwavering performers
Supporting a pair of EB Acoustics' EB1s, the Zeuses are of the ‘solidly effective' rather than ‘sparkling crowdpleasers' school.

Florence & The Machine's charge through You Got The Love is underpinned by controlled and articulate low frequencies, and there's gratifying openness to her midrange stridency.

In terms of detail retrieval and outright resolution, the Apollos want for very little. There's not quite the dynamic control or headroom of their best competitors, though, and that's where the fifth star has gone.

A sense of inhibition
There's a vague sense of inhibition where dynamics are concerned – but this is a minor failing considering performance as a whole.

And as Apollo can build Zeuses to whatever height and finish you desire, they're well worth adding to your shortlist.

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General Information

Product NameApollo Zeus