• Triangle Color 123
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This is a brilliant desktop package – a truly enjoyable way to listen to your music
Great design
tight yet energetic sound
separate sub gives punch and power
Can’t use your own speaker cable
no display
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French hi-fi company Triangle is known for its distinctive design, and this desktop package certainly lives up to that reputation.

The two small, neat cube-shaped speakers each house a 25mm titanium tweeter, an 8cm midrange driver and a 10cm passive radiator hidden on the bottom. 

The accompanying subwoofer has a 20cm driver and a 20cm passive radiator, and also houses all the electronics – a 100W digital amp for itself, and two 50W digital amps for the satellite speakers. 

Triangle Color 123: Flawless finishInputs are a 3.5mm socket and stereo RCAs.This Triangle package looks great – the gloss red cabinets are flawless, while all the components are weighty and feel good and solid. 

You can’t use your own speaker cable – but that’s not a deal-breaker here.

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Using an iPhone 4 through the RCA sockets, and with Flutter by Bonobo playing through it, the immediate impression is one of fun, bounce and sheer entertainment.

Stereo imaging is explicit – clear, wide and easy to place instruments within it, and detail levels are sky-high even in quieter passages of classical music.

Triangle Color 123: Solid subGet the sub level dialled in correctly and there’s punch and power on offer, too. 

Notes start and stop with speed and control, and the overall sound is musical and energetic.

Gripes? Few and far between: the fast attack could get a little tiring over longer sessions, but this can be moderated with a bit of tone tweakage.

Other than that, a display would be nice (so you can see which level you’ve set the tone to), and we’d like to be able to use our own speaker cable – but that’s really about it.

VerdictThis package is a smashing example of how to do desktop speakers. Sure, it might be pricey, but it’s money well spent.

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