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Sonorous N110 review

This equipment rack is a weighty proposition – there's so much thick glass Tested at £1000.00

Our Verdict

The N110 could be a decent buy with a price drop and improved assembly. As it is, we can’t recommend it


  • Looks smart, big enough to cope with all but the most complex systems
  • castors


  • Poorly built
  • doesn’t perform much better than cheaper rivals
  • it’s very heavy

This is a serious amount of money to spend on an equipment rack. Then again, the Sonorous N110 is no ordinary support. It comes ready-made in a heavy crate, and is a definite three-person lift.

Once out of the packaging the N110 remains a weighty proposition - there's so much thick glass involved in the design. Thankfully, Sonorous has specified castors, which help no end.

Weight has its advantages too. This rack can hold up to 100kg worth of equipment on the top shelf alone, and includes more than a passing nod to cable management.

It is wide enough to suit a 50in flat screen TV, and an extra four boxes, so most will be fine for storage.

Doesn't offer much of a step up

Our problem with the N110 is two-fold. First, it doesn't offer much of a step up in performance over cheaper alternatives such as Atacama's Equinox.

The N110's picture quality is slightly better defined and the sound gains attack, but there isn't much in it.

Second, and the main reason we've rated it at just two stars, is that it isn't built well. Few of the glass panels line up properly, giving the N110 the air of something that's just been just cobbled together.

Which isn't what you want when you've just spent a grand, is it?


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General Information

Manufacturer Website Address
Product TypeTV Stand
Manufacturer Part NumberN110
Product NameSonorous N110

Technical Information

Maximum Screen Size Supported127 cm (50")

Physical Characteristics

Form FactorFloor Stand
Width120 cm
Depth50 cm
Weight Approximate90 kg
Height44.1 cm
Dimensions44.1 cm (H): 120 cm (W): 50 cm (D)


Limited Warranty5 Year