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Russ Andrews Kimber Hero review

There is detail and insight aplenty from the Russ Andrews/Kimber Hero Tested at £175

Our Verdict

The Hero serves up a detailed and lively sound with tightly controlled bass, but it lacks the sonic punch of the best


  • Detailed and lively sound
  • tightly controlled bass


  • Lacks some punch and authority

For the most part, the Russ Andrews/Kimber Hero interconnect lives up to its name.

Sitting in the mid-range of the market, the sturdily built Hero does a lot right, conveying a lively, well-integrated sound with a smooth, silky treble, insightful midrange and surefooted bass.

Detail and subtlety are also top-notch, with this Kimber picking out the finer points of Mahler’s Symphony No.2 with ease.

Against Chord’s Chameleon Silver Plus though, the Hero lacks some punch and authority and that’s why it loses the fifth star.

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