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It’s all-change for the HDMI-P, in a hugely positive way. This is a great HDMI cable
Detailed, colourful, smooth image
solid, bold sound
Nothing at the price
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The path of  trying to fix  a product when it isn't broken can be fraught with danger. What happens if said product takes a step backwards instead of forwards? What happens if your Award-winning pride and joy fails to recapture former glories?

Thankfully, QED doesn't have to worry about such problems.

It has managed to take its Award-winning, budget HDMI-P cable and make significant improvements. There's more copper, increasing the thickness for all cores and improving the connections between the now solid-purple cable and its new, plugs.

And it all combines to produce a cable that is undoubtedly superior to its predecessor. It produces an entertaining, colourful picture blessed with a large dose of detail. Images retain solidity in the face of tricky panning shots.

As Nic Cage's character launches himself over a row of trucks in GhostRider,  there's virtually no trace of judder.

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Sound gets added heft, tooThere's also an improvement over the old cable when it comes to sound quality. The new HDMI-P conveys a clear, open, revealing sound.

Treble is sweet with no hint of brightness. There's a real sense of heft and solidity in the lower frequencies that helps to emphasise the explosive action scenes of Casino Royale. Dialogue sounds clear and uncluttered, too. This is a superb upgrade.